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We are the Rain Cleaning Company. We are a new cleaning company in Manchester City. We do your home, office, etc. cleaning works in the best way, which saves you plenty of time and effort. Since customer satisfaction is always important to us, we work hard to achieve it.

“Everybody wants to save the earth; no one wants to help mom do the dishes."


Especially, as seen once again in the covid process, we want to emphasize the importance of cleaning with the most accurate application. For this, we aim to provide you healthier and more comfortable living spaces with the right product and application method, as well as to ensure that you are stronger against diseases by cleansing from many harmful dirt and bacteria.


To provide cleaning services for healthy and comfortable living spaces with the right products and the right procedures and in an effective way.


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Ms. Sevilay Sayar

Customer satisfaction I have seen Rain cleaning in a facebook group since March, I have been cleaning my house since then, I recommend it to my friends.

Automotive Company

Sampa Otomotiv

Rain cleaning We clean our office once a week and does its job very well and takes care of hygiene.


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